Taking time to yourself is key in life. I say this because if you never take time to yourself and figure out yourself, how do you expect to have a positive affect on others? While doing this just take time to think and recognize the things you have done, and the things you want to do in life. Silence is key, always take time to think and meditate, you will be surprised on how much this can help you moving along. While in relationships as well, don’t jump into something if you haven’t taken time to figure them, or it out. Not being patient and getting what you want is one thing, but being patient and getting what you need is another.


Having Regret

Having Regrets will never truly be a good thing. Having this feeling can result to you feeling as if you are always wrong, and you will always second guess your actions. When you do or say something you should be able to do it with confidence. Confidence is a key word, lots of people now a days lack that trait. I am not excluded from this either, I struggled with finding my confidence for a long time until I finally realized my Worth. I knew that I deserved best and I should seek only that. So with me now thinking that way, I stopped regretting my actions and I knew everything I did would only benefit me and make me feel positive. Once you start having confidence in what you do you will no longer Regret nor second guess. So I encourage you guys to find yourself, and really sit down and think and discover your worth.


Making Goals and keeping yourself motivated to achieve them is very important. Doing this is very important, I say this because this will keep you always working hard at whatever your goal is. Saying you are going to do something isn’t enough now a days, you have to write it down and if you are going to only say it you have to mean it. Once you achieve your goal you will have a sense of accomplishment and you will want to have that feeling all the time so as a result you will constantly be bettering yourself. There is no limit to what you can achieve in life, if you set your mind to it and stick to it you will do it. “You are the only thing holding you back”

Living your best life

Taking care of yourself first should always be your number one priority. I made this a topic because I know there are some people that feel the necessity to put others before themselves. At the end of the day you must realize that you have to make sure you are satisfied with the way you are living. Taking care of someone else’s wants, and needs before your own will not benefit you. Only time this is appropriate is when it is a must, when there is no other way to do it you must take care of that persons Needs. Just be sure you are helping yourself feel good and make sure you get the things you want out of life, because no one else is living your life for you. After you feel you’ve met your needs and wants, than invest in others especially when it comes to relationships. Don’t let your partner fool you into thinking that they are more important than you. Things should be mutual and have a balance in order for the relationship to function. If you make one more important than the other than, this only makes things worse because you might have a selfish partner that doesn’t like to give back. If that’s the case, you will just be looking and feeling dumb about things because you invested so much without getting anything in return. The whole point of I’m trying to get at is Live your best life, first because no one else is gonna live it for you.

Toxic Relationships

First when someone uses the word Toxic, usually this is referring to something that is not healthy for you, and or the other person. A good sign you are in a Toxic relationship is when you feel like you are being degraded. Being degraded can mean several things, such as being ignored, taken advantage of, or feeling as if you are just in a relationship without a Label. Most times when you are in a relationship and you and the other person are not on the same terms this can cause an issue that is hard to fix. If someone cannot make an effort to fix a problem that will only help the relationship than, I would consider that Toxic. When I say this I don’t mean the person should change as a whole, but just fixing a small problem that can only help the relationship. For example, say you are a female and your boyfriend likes to go out and not tell you where he is going and or doing. You have told him multiple times you don’t mind him going out but you just want to be Aware of what is going on. If he cannot let you know that than it isn’t going to fix anything it will only grow into a problem that can no longer be fixed because he has been defending an easy resolution for so long. Basically the best thing you can do is try and put yourself in the best positions with the best people that have the same morals as you. There is nothing wrong with being patient and finding the person that is right for you, I know everyone wants to be loved but, in the meantime love yourself. SELF LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE! You must have this before you can give out the same energy to someone else.

Achieving Happiness

Achieving Happiness is defined many different ways for many people and that is fine , but there is one thing that all have in common. The one thing all methods of finding happiness have in common is Struggle. I say this because, achieving your wanted level of happiness is going to be difficult and you have to realize that nothing is going to be given to you in life, you must work for it. Whether you want happiness in wealth, relationships, or even simply being able to smile whenever, you will have to go through some sort of struggle in life. Lots of people now a days see others happiness and they want to have the same things they have, but they fail to realize that those people did not just wake up and have everything they ever wanted, they went through a struggle and Achieved there happiness.If you have the mindset where you know what you want and nothing, and no one can stop you from getting there, that is when you will succeed and make progress towards your true happiness. Its not going to be easy, life is not supposed to be but you when you achieve your happiness or just a goal you have set, it will be nice feeling and you will want to keep having that feeling so you will be more willing to work for it each time.

Learning to “Self Love”

The best way to achieve happiness in a moment when it comes to a relationship, whether it be a breakup, or you and your partner are just having a hard time is to Self Love. Now i know when i say this it can be taken negatively, but especially in this day and age a lot of people are just very i will say, confused about what they want,when it comes to relationships. For example, you can want to be in a situation where you want to be married have kids in following years, than your partner just sees you as temporary. Now this will hurt you , we all know those kinds of people but learning to love yourself is key. When i say this i mean knowing your worth, if you know that you are a great partner and that you deserve the best and only the best than no one else should be able to make you feel others wise. You must know that you one day will be someones everything and right now, God is just putting you in the current situation as a trial, because realizing that you deserve best will result in you only having the best come to you because you wont put yourself in the situation to feel worthless. Everyone wants to be loved, and made feel special but once you appreciate yourself first you will see a big difference.