Making Goals and keeping yourself motivated to achieve them is very important. Doing this is very important, I say this because this will keep you always working hard at whatever your goal is. Saying you are going to do something isn’t enough now a days, you have to write it down and if you are going to only say it you have to mean it. Once you achieve your goal you will have a sense of accomplishment and you will want to have that feeling all the time so as a result you will constantly be bettering yourself. There is no limit to what you can achieve in life, if you set your mind to it and stick to it you will do it. “You are the only thing holding you back”


Achieving Happiness

Achieving Happiness is defined many different ways for many people and that is fine , but there is one thing that all have in common. The one thing all methods of finding happiness have in common is Struggle. I say this because, achieving your wanted level of happiness is going to be difficult and you have to realize that nothing is going to be given to you in life, you must work for it. Whether you want happiness in wealth, relationships, or even simply being able to smile whenever, you will have to go through some sort of struggle in life. Lots of people now a days see others happiness and they want to have the same things they have, but they fail to realize that those people did not just wake up and have everything they ever wanted, they went through a struggle and Achieved there happiness.If you have the mindset where you know what you want and nothing, and no one can stop you from getting there, that is when you will succeed and make progress towards your true happiness. Its not going to be easy, life is not supposed to be but you when you achieve your happiness or just a goal you have set, it will be nice feeling and you will want to keep having that feeling so you will be more willing to work for it each time.