Toxic Relationships

First when someone uses the word Toxic, usually this is referring to something that is not healthy for you, and or the other person. A good sign you are in a Toxic relationship is when you feel like you are being degraded. Being degraded can mean several things, such as being ignored, taken advantage of, or feeling as if you are just in a relationship without a Label. Most times when you are in a relationship and you and the other person are not on the same terms this can cause an issue that is hard to fix. If someone cannot make an effort to fix a problem that will only help the relationship than, I would consider that Toxic. When I say this I don’t mean the person should change as a whole, but just fixing a small problem that can only help the relationship. For example, say you are a female and your boyfriend likes to go out and not tell you where he is going and or doing. You have told him multiple times you don’t mind him going out but you just want to be Aware of what is going on. If he cannot let you know that than it isn’t going to fix anything it will only grow into a problem that can no longer be fixed because he has been defending an easy resolution for so long. Basically the best thing you can do is try and put yourself in the best positions with the best people that have the same morals as you. There is nothing wrong with being patient and finding the person that is right for you, I know everyone wants to be loved but, in the meantime love yourself. SELF LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE! You must have this before you can give out the same energy to someone else.


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