Learning to “Self Love”

The best way to achieve happiness in a moment when it comes to a relationship, whether it be a breakup, or you and your partner are just having a hard time is to Self Love. Now i know when i say this it can be taken negatively, but especially in this day and age a lot of people are just very i will say, confused about what they want,when it comes to relationships. For example, you can want to be in a situation where you want to be married have kids in following years, than your partner just sees you as temporary. Now this will hurt you , we all know those kinds of people but learning to love yourself is key. When i say this i mean knowing your worth, if you know that you are a great partner and that you deserve the best and only the best than no one else should be able to make you feel others wise. You must know that you one day will be someones everything and right now, God is just putting you in the current situation as a trial, because realizing that you deserve best will result in you only having the best come to you because you wont put yourself in the situation to feel worthless. Everyone wants to be loved, and made feel special but once you appreciate yourself first you will see a big difference.


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